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Blood management and conservation is a topic that is widely discussed in the field of healthcare these days and with good reason. A blood transfusion can be life saving, but avoiding a transfusion for a patient who doesn't need it can be nearly as helpful. Not only does that allow the banked blood to be allocated to a patient with a greater need, but the patient avoiding the transfusion also avoids the potential complications associated with a bank blood transfusion.

What are the benefits for patients?

  • Minimizes infection risk

  • Eliminates ABO and Rh incompatibility reaction risk

  • Eliminates risk of transfusion-transmitted disease

  • Provides blood source for individuals with rare blood types or alloantibodies

  • Provides an option for individuals who have religious objections to receiving another person's blood

What are the benefits for health care facilities?

  • Eliminates extra costs / longer stays due to complications involving any of the above risks

  • Decreases demand for allogeneic blood

  • Cost savings over bank blood begin after one unit transfused - more so taking transfusion reactions into account